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Mobile Deposit

Remote Deposit with DeposZip!

Can't come to the bank? Tired of mailing deposits? No worries; DeposZip is here!

For those on the go, securely deposit checks in a zip to your JNB account anytime and anywhere with your camera enabled mobile device using the JNB Mobile App. Deposits are processed by bank personnel during business hours only on business days. Deposits are NOT real time.

All checks MUST include MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY under your endorsement

Deposit limits:

Contact the bank for business limits

  • Per deposit - $5,000.00
  • Per day - $10,000.00
  • Rolling 30 day - $25,000.00


Check Front:

  • The check must be made payable to you or to Junction National Bank
  • The amounts must match
  • Make sure the check is signed

Check Back:

  • Endorse check properly
  • Beneath endorsement write "MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY"


  • Remove creases and folds in check
  • Place check on a well-lit, solid-colored surface
  • Align check properly


Remember: Mobile devices should be kept in a secure place at all times.  We encourage the use of password protection and biometric or dual authentication on mobile devices as available.

View DeposZip Terms and Conditions.



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