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Wire Transfer

Wire instructions to Junction National Bank must be in writing in order to assure proper credit. 

Wire transfer information should be obtained directly from a person’s bank rather than using information taken from a check.  Junction National Bank is not responsible for wire transfers if information is submitted incorrectly by the customer.


  • Outgoing Domestic $25.00 each
  • Outgoing International $50.00 each
  • Incoming Domestic $10.00 each

Domestic Wire Instructions

Information necessary to complete your domestic wire transfer:


Customer's name
Customer's physical address
Bank account number
Bank information:

Junction National Bank
701 Main Street
Junction, TX 76849
Routing # 114921761


Originator information:

Originator's name
Originator's physical address
Originator's phone number
Bank account number to debit
Amount of wire transfer

Beneficiary information:

Beneficiary's name on account
Beneficiary's physical address
Beneficiary's bank account number
Beneficiary's bank name
Beneficiary's bank physical address
Beneficiary's bank routing number

International Wire Transfer Instructions

Call Junction National Bank at (325) 446-2531 for instructions for any incoming or outgoing International Wire Transfer.

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