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Common Fees

List of Common Fees

An overview of our common banking fees.
 Charge Amount
Online Bill PayCharge AmountNo charge
Replace DEBIT CardCharge Amount$5.00
Change DEBIT Card PINCharge Amount$5.00
DEBIT Card Transactions at ATMs
We do not Own or Operate
Charge Amount$1.00
Direct Deposit to Checking or
Charge AmountNo charge
Preauthorized Payment from
Charge AmountNo charge
Check PrintingCharge AmountFee depends on style
Temporary Checks
(Per Set)
Charge Amount$1.00
Cashier's CheckCharge Amount$2.00 per check
Return Item FeeCharge Amount$25.00
Overdraft FeeCharge Amount$25.00
Deposited Returned Item (each)Charge Amount$5.00
Account Activity PrintoutCharge Amount$1.00
Account Research
(1 Hour Minimum)
Charge Amount$20.00 per hour
Account Balancing Assistance
(1 Hour Minimum)
Charge Amount$20.00 per hour
Copy of Statement
(Per Month Requested)
Charge Amount$1.00
Returned Statement
(Per Statement Returned)
Charge Amount$1.00
Stop Payment (Each Item)Charge Amount$15.00 for six months
Wire Transfer
(Outgoing Domestic)
Charge Amount$20.00
Wire Transfer
(Outgoing International)
Charge Amount$35.00
Wire Transfer
Charge Amount$5.00
GarnishmentsCharge Amount$25.00
LeviesCharge Amount$25.00
PhotocopiesCharge Amount25¢ per page
Incoming and Outgoing CollectionsCharge Amount$10.00 each
FaxesCharge Amount25¢ per page
Imaged Item CopyCharge Amount25¢ per page
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